First Time Setup

First time installation

CRM Bot Community can be deployed in three simple steps:

  1. Download our Teams App & upload as a custom app in your chosen Teams tenant (note: install it for yourself first).

    First install our Teams App

  2. Start the new conversation, fill the short questionnaire and receive an email with your secret fulfillment key. You can download the solution (we're currently on version directly from our github, but you won't be able to connect without that email - so make sure you use an email you have access to!!!

Fill out the form to get a secret key sent to your email

  1. Import the solution into your chosen CDS environment.

Then import the right solution

  1. Activate the flows:
  • You will need to create a new connection for CRM Bot connector (using the secret key from the email)
  • You will need to provide connections for CDS, OneDrive, Bing Maps
  • You have to activate each Flow separately

Then connect & activate your flows

The entire process takes less than 10 minutes (we've checked!) and because of our unique fulfilment model we never require access to your CDS in order to make it all a reality.

Distribute to the rest of your Team (or customise it further 😎)

After your installation is successful (and you are happy with the results - if not, you can always customise further), you can simply deploy the custom application to other users in your Teams tenant. For a handy guide visit Microsoft docs page.


If you encounter a problem, please either get in touch or raise it on our github page.